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The worldwide success of mobile telephony has created a unique opportunity for financial institutions and for telecom operators, enabling them to make money « Mobile » and provide a wide range of financial services for their customers and also be able to target the underbanked.

Mobile Money is an account on your mobile phone where your mobile number itself is the account number. FawriWallet is intended to mobile money service providers. It provides a full suite of capabilities required to offer a mobile money service to consumers, agents and merchant as well as account management.

FawriWallet connects service providers and end users by turning any mobile phone into an electronic funds account, allowing service providers to target both banked and unbanked users. It can be easily and quickly adapted to a variety of specific needs.






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User Experience
We beleive that strong and custumer focused design & user experience are key success element of all our projects.

Unified Channels
Seamless Omnichannel Web, Sms, Phone, Kisok and Mobile Money experience..

Global Platform
One single platform to manage all the actors of mobile payments, clients, agents and Merchants

Multi Device
The solution supports virtually all the mobile phones, from the smartest to the less smart phones

Virtual Account

Money transfer

Bill payments

Mobile topup

Mobile Payments


Account opening

Deposit and withdrawals

Consumer application distribution



Deals & Promotions

Accept Payment

Ecommerce payments


Two factor Authentication

Authorization process

User roles

User access rights

SMS & IVR Password